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IWP Professor to teach at Air Force Culture and Language Center

Pilon 2IWP Professor Juliana Geran Pilon will be teaching a course on culture to enlisted Airmen through the Air Force Culture and Language Center (AFCLC).  Pilon is an expert of politics and culture, and teaches several courses on the subject at The Institute of World Politics, including Cultural Implications for Strategy and Analysis and Democratization, Nation Building, and U.S. Foreign Policy.  She has also recently published a book entitled Cultural Intelligence for Winning the Peace.  

“The Culture and Language Center (CLC) was created at Air University in April 2006 to implement the Air Force Chief of Staff’s guidance to improve Airmen’s cross-cultural competence by developing their cultural, regional, foreign language and negotiations abilities through the professional military education system.

“Immediately after its activation, CLC began to chart this domain of knowledge and education, identifying cutting-edge research on cross-cultural competence and best practices in professional development. It also initiated a robust program of information sharing and partnering with other military, governmental, educational and private organizations addressing similar issues.

“In April 2007, the Air Force selected cross-cultural competence as the centerpiece of Air University ’s re-accreditation. In December 2007, CLC became an Air Force Center – a one-stop shop for Airmen’s culture and language training and education needs. In addition, the center houses the Air Force’s Negotiation Center of Excellence.

“Our total force team is comprised of highly qualified individuals from various backgrounds, military (active & reserve component) and civilians (academics, civil servants & contractors).”