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IWP Alumnus Ed Browdy: Giving back to IWP and protecting our nation

Edward BrowdyWhen is the last time you bought something online? Or logged into your e-mail? What if someone hacked in and stole your identity? On a larger scale, what if someone hacked into a sensitive government network and stole secrets related to our national security? Who makes sure that this doesn’t happen?

Someone is needed who not only has expertise in computer science – but someone who understands how the enemy thinks, and who learns the important lessons in the aftermath of such an attack.

IWP alumnus Edward Browdy had focused exclusively on computer science in his studies prior to IWP. He had a BS in this subject from University of Maryland at College Park, and an MS in computer science from George Washington University. He decided that his education was not yet complete, and took a class with Dr. Waller at IWP to learn more about strategic information warfare.

He enjoyed Dr. Waller’s class so much that he found himself enrolled in an intelligence course with Prof. deGraffenreid. Before he knew it, he was in the full swing of things, taking a counterintelligence class with Prof. Thomas, a counterterrorism class with Prof. Harmon, and a protective security class with Prof. deGraffenreid. At this point, Ed had fallen in love with The Institute of World Politics so much that he decided to go ahead and get a full Masters Degree. He then began to take his core classes.

Thanks to IWP’s evening courses, he continued working as a program manager for a small company that built network encryption solutions and incorporated them into government structures in an effort to make these government networks more secure.

When he graduated from IWP in 2008 with a Masters Degree in National Security Affairs and a concentration in Intelligence, Ed hoped specifically to combine his expertise in computer science with his background in national security. His company, Browdy Strategic Solutions, LLC, would focus on cybersecurity and information assurance.

Ed believes that cybersecurity is a vital national security issue, particularly in today’s international climate. Government networks were not all designed with the necessary security capabilities, and can hold certain vulnerabilities. Despite the security features that do exist in our networks, cyber attacks are inevitable.

Ed’s response to cyber attacks is immediately to isolate this attack, mitigate it, and make the network secure again. In addition to the technological response to these attacks, there are other considerations. Ed has learned from his IWP education how to think about counterterrorism and counterintelligence. It is this principle of integration upon which Ed’s company is founded.

The questions Ed must ask as he repairs an attacked network include: Who is the attacker? Is it a domestic attack, an international attack, or a terrorist attack? Why are they attacking this particular target? Are they attacking this target because of its function (such as its relation to a power grid or internet service provider), or its connection to people with high security clearances? Is this attack simply a diversion?

Ed gained an appreciation not only for valuable counterintelligence knowledge at IWP, but also for our national heritage. He comments, “I came to IWP to get some information on strategic information warfare, and ended up getting a solid foundation in Western moral tradition, the fundamental aspects of how we came to be a democracy in the West, and why our civilization prospers. I try to model myself after some of the people we learned about at IWP.”

Ed is busy protecting our nation, but he is also planning a wedding for October and remaining involved with IWP. He serves on the board of the IWP Alumni Association, and is a Charter Member of IWP’s recently launched 1947 Club, which supports scholarships for promising IWP students.

Ed finds that, “The 1947 Club is a wonderful concept. I had a great time with my fellow students, and I’d like to support them as they strive for positions in leadership and work to put the principles that they learn at IWP into action.”

Browdy Strategic Solutions, LLC is registered as a federal contractor, and has recently been registered as a vendor with the National Security Agency.

IWP is proud to have an alumnus like Ed. We wish him success in his endeavors, and offer him many congratulations on his impending nuptials!