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Meet a charter member of IWP’s 1947 Club: RADM Dave Rogers

RADM David RogersRADM David Rogers USN (ret.) – a true patriot – has been spending his life serving our nation. He has held various positions in the Navy and in the business world. Now he continues to prepare our nation for the future as a friend and supporter of IWP.

Admiral Rogers has given of his time to lecture to IWP friends, faculty, students, and interns on the topic of leadership, sharing many of his experiences in the Navy and the business world. He now is supporting scholarships for our students at IWP through the new 1947 Club, making possible a great education for our nation’s future leaders in international affairs and national security. And, as a friend of the Institute, he actively spreads the word about the school’s unique mission and programs.

With his extensive experience, Admiral Rogers has accumulated many fascinating stories – including sending misinformation to the Soviet Union in creative ways – but also words of wisdom for those who are just beginning their careers in the realm of international affairs. He advises, “follow your passion, take care of your people, and be courageous.” Please click here to learn more about Admiral Rogers’ experiences and thoughts on leadership.

When asked if there is anything he wishes he had studied before launching his career, Admiral Rogers said that he wishes that he had a greater understanding of interagency relationships between the State Department, DoD, and other ministries of foreign affairs. In fact, he didn’t discover how exactly these relationships worked until after he was already in the midst of some “pretty intense operations.” Perhaps IWP students will be spared any awkwardness caused by a delayed discovery of these interactions after taking our course on National Security Policy Process.

Admiral Rogers also finds it crucial to study ethics and morality as it applies to international relations and national security because, if you are leader, “you are expected to be ethical.” In addition, an ethical person will find himself pursuing the right outcomes.

Through membership in the 1947 Club, Admiral Rogers is helping ensure that there will be national security professionals who understand the moral implications of their actions and how the arts of statecraft should work together as a coherent whole.

He observes, “I am honored to join the 1947 Club. I know of no other Institute that combines exceptional instruction and understanding of statecraft, national security, and foreign policy, but also shows their interaction. In addition, it investigates all the instruments of power and, most importantly, how to use these instruments ethically. I feel privileged to help this amazing graduate school.”

Thank you, Admiral Rogers!