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IWP Army Ten Miler teams finish race, raise money for IWP

The IWP Army Ten Miler teams have successfully finished the ten miler race last Sunday, and have raised several thousand dollars for technology and student services at IWP.  Many thanks to those who have given!!

Despite being unable to train beyond the 5-mile mark this year due to injuries, Jim Holmes managed to finish the race, thanks mainly to IWP Registrar Hasanna Benson. Jim said that he likely would have walked the last three miles had it not been for Hasanna, who helped pull him along by running the entire race by his side. “If a woman who had a baby just months ago can run the whole ten miles, I sure can!” exclaimed Jim. Team-mate Jason Johnsrud met the two at the finish line, where he had been waiting patiently for 26 minutes.

Some other IWP students and friends who ran were:

Ben Crombe – 1:23:30
Keith Boring – 1:25:49
Derrick Shaw -1:25:36
Katie Crombe – 1:25:06
Dominic Luckey – 1:43:01
Kristina Luckey – 1:43:01
Adam MacAllister – 1:17:45

Dominic Luckey, IWP student found that: “The race went very well. Kristina and I did about what we expected, and the last two miles for me, at least, on I-395, were grueling! My legs started turning into jello, energy depleted, breathing became difficult, the sun started baking down, and I considered jumping off the bridge down into the water. Overall, it was very much like any other day I spend on I-395! On a more serious note, what was really amazing was to see our wounded heroes running the entire length of the race with only one leg. We were honored to be in their presence.”

IWP Student Adam MacAllister said that, “It was a beautiful day to run; running with our wounded veterans was truly inspiring and humbling to say the least. I ran it in 1hr17min45sec, which I am happy with but for me the value comes from being apart of a great event, for great reasons, with great people.”

Katie Crombe, IWP student, says, “My time was 1:25:06. The race was incredible – great weather and energy all around. Thank you for the support!”

Other highlights:

*Jason Johnsrud (Director of Student Affairs) had been training, and he reports that it certainly paid off!

*Jim Abernathy, husband of IWP’s Financial Aid Director Ingrid Abernathy improved his performance considerably compared to last year (when he had over-trained and hurt himself before the race).

*The younger, student team – the IWP Diplomats – beat the older Statesman by quite a few places. The Diplomats finished around 64th and the Statesman in the 80s.

Of the race, IWP alumnus Lance Mogard commented: “It was awesome. The weather was perfect and the crowds were out en masse cheering every step of the way. I set a goal of running a sub 1:20:00 and I came in at about 1:17:15, so mission accomplished for me.”

It’s not too late to give to the Ten Miler Challenge at IWP. Funds go towards technology and student services at IWP. Please click here for more details.


Ten Miler 2010

IWP runners before the race

Ten Miler 2010 2

IWP runners ready to race!

Some of the Ten-Miler runners with IWP Army students & visitors

Some of the Ten-Miler runners with IWP Army students & visitors