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Melady: Libya’s atrocities resemble Uganda’s

“The brutality of Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s repression of the liberation movement in Libya is clear. He and his cohorts are using machine guns and planes to kill their own people. We saw similar brutality in the early 1970s when serving in the U.S. ambassador’s post in Uganda. While all the evidence was present about the serious violations by Idi Amin, there was never a formal indictment of him by any legal jurisdiction. Amin, after an eight-year reign of terror, lived a comfortable exile in Saudi Arabia, where he died having escaped the criminal trial that he so deserved. The world should make sure that does not happen to Col. Gadhafi.”

That’s what IWP’s Professor and Senior Diplomat in Residence Thomas Melady and his wife, Dr. Margaret Melady, write in an editorial published on March 10, 2011 in The Washington Times. To read the rest of their essay, please click here.