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Carbon Copy Communism

The Politburo and the Central Committee concur that there is room for a mixed economy and reforms are announced at the Communist Party congress. Some market mechanisms and a nod to the private sector should solve the problems of central planning. Minor private enterprise should be permitted in the agriculture, commerce, and service sectors.

It makes sense and sounds pragmatic. The dogmatism has softened. The reforms signal a liberalization that goes hand in glove with human rights – often a prerequisite for economic aid and engagement with hostile Western governments. Domestic reforms should pave the way for foreign aid and investment. Exiles, in particular, are wooed by the regime. The parting between exiles and the homeland was bitter, but that was years ago. Let bygones be bygones. They are welcome to invest and keep some of the profits. They hold foreign passports and naturally are given preferential treatment. They can come and go at will, unlike the rest of the population.

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