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COL Bostick on “Thinking MISO: Linking Strategy to Selection”

Special Warfare Magazine 2011An article entitled “Thinking MISO: Linking Strategy to Selection” by former IWP Army Senior Service Fellow Colonel Reginald J. Bostick appeared in the October-December edition of Special Warfare, a publication of the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School.   

COL Bostick is currently commander of the 4th Military Information Support Group at Ft. Bragg.  Previously, he spent more than 22 years in a variety of command and staff assignments with both conventional and special-operations forces, including as military assistant to the Secretary of the Army.  

The foundational research for this article was produced during academic year 2010-11 by COL Bostick when he served as the Army’s War College Fellow at IWP.

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