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Major Platt on water storage and geopolitical stability

Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) systems may reduce tensions and generate greater geopolitical stability in many of the world’s regions, argues US Army strategist Major Brian Platt (IWP Class of 2012). He has elaborated on this point in a recently-published article in Small Wars Journal (“Aquifer Storage and Recovery Systems,” 25 May 2012).

The shortage of uncontaminated fresh water is a global problem, which is particularly severe in arid regions of Africa, the Middle East, and southern Asia. Rivalry over this scarce resource thus exacerbates conflicts in parts of the world already ridden by instability. Drought-induced famines also have the likely potential to contribute to this explosive mix.

One solution to remedy this situation, Major Platt advises, is the construction of ASRs. These, albeit not without their drawbacks, are relatively cheap, posses a small surface footprint, and may be easily expanded to meet increasing demand for water. This renders Aquifer Storage and Recovery systems a wise investment, both from the perspective of economics and geopolitics.   

To read the entirety of Major Platt’s article please click here.