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Former student Bill Russell writes article on “Poland: This Time, The President Should Apologize”

William T. RussellFormer continuing education student William T. Russell has recently published an article on the website of Free Republic on “Poland: This Time, The President Should Apologize.”

Please click here to read the article.  

Bill Russell is a former Republican Congressional Candidate in the 12th Congressional District of Pennsylvania. He is an internationally published columnist and has been a featured guest on a number of national television and radio news shows. He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the US Army and has served in Desert Storm, the Iraq War, and the Balkans. His wife, Katarzyna (Kasia) Russell, is the granddaughter of a Polish survivor of Stalin’s gulag, and the daughter of a regional leader of Solidarity in Poland. Both Bill and Kasia were in the Pentagon on 9/11.