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Reflections on Professor Kelley by an IWP alumnus

The following thoughts about the late Professor Brian J. Kelley were written by an IWP alumnus.

I decided to leave my post anonymous, because I know that my reflections on Prof. Kelley undoubtedly mirror those of countless other students that had the good fortune of knowing him.

I started at IWP directly after finishing undergraduate studies.  At the time I had little knowledge of the realities of the intelligence profession, mostly informed (misinformed?) by a smattering of spy movies, video games, and television shows.  Prof. Kelley’s “Case Studies in Counterintelligence” was my first true exposure to the discipline, and, no hyperbole intended, it was an eye-opening experience.  Kelley’s long history as an intelligence professional, masterful grip of counterintelligence, and colloquial teaching style all contributed to a captivating course I still hold as the most influential in my graduate studies.

Today, I’m fortunate to be working a career in the very discipline to which Prof. Kelley devoted his life.  I got there in no small part due to the knowledge I gained from his class, but also with the advice and support he provided throughout the application and hiring process. Prof. Kelley was always quick with a response to a question or request for help.  He even gladly talked to the investigator for my background check, apparently charming her with his personality and his recounting of experience doing similar work.

I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to know and learn from Brian Kelley, and I lament not only the great loss to family, friends, and colleagues, but also future students who will never have the chance to absorb all the expertise and warmth he brought to every class.

God bless a true American patriot.

-An IWP Alumnus