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IWP advisory board member speaks out on the Putin regime

Mr. Vladimir Bukovsky, the former anti-Soviet Russian dissident and current member of IWP’s advisory board, has weighed in on the political situation in Russia.

Former Soviet dissident criticises Putin’s regime in Prague
8 MARCH 2013

Prague, March 7 (CTK) – Former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky considers the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin the reincarnation of the Soviet rule but the opposition has hardly any chance of toppling him, Bukovsky has said during the presentation of his book in Prague.

“Some 3,000 dissidents were sufficient for the entire Soviet empire, we have done our share. However, not even 100,000 people in the streets suffice to change the regime Thursday,” Bukovsky, 70, told the Prague audience when he presented his book And the Wind Returns in a Czech translation on Wednesday.

Russia missed the opportunity to definitively cope with totalitarianism when both the then President Boris Yeltsin and the West stood up against an equivalent of the Nuremberg Trial (with German Nazi war criminals) after the unsuccessful communist coup in August 1991, Bukovsky said.

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