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New Cyber Statecraft course offered for summer term

Private corporations affect national security in countless ways, yet graduate studies seldom address the vital contribution of the business community to national strength and influence. Nor does the government always appreciate the importance of understanding how corporations can help the nation face new and complex dangers. Foremost among these dangers is the escalating risk of cyber attacks against both private and public sectors, in ways that few people comprehend or know how to address from a strategic perspective.

In light of this knowledge gap, The Institute of World Politics is launching Cyber Statecraft, an introductory cyber-centric course that will form the core of a larger IWP Cyber Statecraft program. The first four-credit course will be taught this summer.

“This initial Cyber Statecraft course will present the importance of the cyber domain, a relatively new frontier whose significance cannot be overstated, and for which a broader and deeper understanding is necessary if tomorrow’s strategic thinkers are to operate effectively,” says Professor S. John Tsagronis, who is teaching the course.

“Because the U.S. government and private corporate sector are fundamentally reliant upon cyberspace, it is impossible to overstate the importance of the cyberspace domain to the security of the United States,” according to Tsagronis.

Cyber Statecraft will examine the history and evolution of the technologies, laws, and policies that today shape the cyber environment, as well as the many threats–current and emerging–that affect the security of the United States. Particular attention will be given to understanding how crises can create opportunities for prudent statesmen to advance U.S. cyber security interests.  Case studies of cyber operations are presented so students can both appreciate the real-world challenges of bringing theories into practice and better understand what some are now calling the “Cool War.” 

For more about the Cyber Statecraft course, click here.

The summer term runs from June 3 to July 26.  Applications for this course from new students will be accepted on a space-available basis through May 3. 

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