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Prof. Paul Goble discusses Tajik-Russian tensions

The following article by Prof. Paul Goble appeared on his blog, Window on Eurasia.

Window on Eurasia: Tajik Embassy in Moscow Sets Up Unit to Help Tajiks Suffering from Russian Intolerance 

Staunton, May 2 – Infuriated by what the Tajik government sees as increasing Russian mistreatment of Tajik gastarbeiters in major Russian cities, the embassy of Tajikistan in Moscow has set up a special staff to provide assistance both to new arrivals at airports and railroad stations and to those who have encountered difficulties with life in the Russian Federation.

In a post on his embassy’s website, Tajikistan Ambassaador Abdulmadzhad Dostiyev said that his government was taking this step now “when to [their] great regret, not only ‘the yellow press,’ but also certain government TV channels” are presenting a negative image of Tajik gastarbeiters (

That negative image in turn, the diplomat suggested, appears to be officially inspired and is promoting “hostility and intolerance” among Russian officials and ordinary officials toward the Tajiks. The main task of the new staff will be to help those arriving or leaving at Moscow airports and at the Kazan railroad station. 

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