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Interns discuss totalitarian Islamism with Dr. Streusand

On June 18th, Dr. Douglas E. Streusand, Professor at the Marine Corps Command & Staff College in Quantico, delivered a lecture to an audience of IWP interns.

The main topic of Dr. Streusand’s remarks was the concept of totalitarian Islamism and the potential threat it represents to the Western world. He explained that totalitarian Islamism is a utopian ideology with little connection to reality. It is based, he said, on Western totalitarianism and the revolutionary ideology of traditional Islamism. He noted that any kind of system that gives non-limited power to a single person or a very small group of people will eventually turn into totalitarianism and become potentially very dangerous. He noted that we should not be focusing on attacking Islam itself, but rather the dangerous totalitarian ideology.

Later on, Dr. Streusand devoted some time to the topic of demography and the challenges associated with its current development. He introduced the example of the Russian Federation, which already has a negative birth rate or the case of the People´s Republic of China, which faces challenges in its working class. He believes that the United States should focus on developing an effective immigration policy, because immigrants represent a population that could possibly divert a devastating demographic development.

Dr. Streusand closed the lively discussion by expressing the importance of political geography, not only for those who create national strategies, but also for the people who simply want to “know the world.”

– Lucia Klincova
IWP Intern

Disclaimer: The views of Prof. Douglas Streusand do not reflect the views of the US Government or the Marine Corps University.