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Prof. Norman Bailey examines Snowden’s impact on the fight against global crime and terrorism

The article below by Prof. Norman Bailey appeared in Globes: Israel’s Business Journal.

In the past few weeks media attention has been fixed on royal babies, and the saga of Edward Snowden, a former employee of the National Security Agency (NSA), the US organization that engages in the interception of communications of potential sources of important intelligence. Purportedly Snowden released information about the NSA’s surveillance programs because he was outraged over the degree of domestic surveillance and that intercepts were used to gather and analyze official communications of friendly governments.

Snowden fled first to Hong Kong; believing, one must suppose, that the Chinese government would welcome him with open arms. When that didn’t happen, he flew to Moscow, where he remains for the time being in a kind of limbo, while deciding whether to stay in Russia, which is notably unenthusiastic about that possibility, or continue on to one of the Latin American countries that has offered him “asylum”: Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador or Nicaragua.

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