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What’s good for the Kurds looks good for Israel, says Prof. Norman Bailey

The article below by Prof. Norman Bailey appeared in Globes: Israel’s Business Journal.

What’s good for the Kurds looks good for Israel
The Kurds in Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran are making progress towards statehood; Israel should be helping.

In several previous columns, I have pointed out that the current chaos in the Levant is creating conditions which may facilitate the fulfillment of the milennial Kurdish dream of a country of their own, which they have never had. Several recent developments have taken place in this ongoing process:

The Kurdish forces in Syria have driven out the Jihadist rebels in a pitched battle. As a result, they appear to have full control of the only oil-producing region of that country.

Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey has warned the Syrian Kurds not to establish relations with their Turkish counterparts. Erdogan, having lost the support of the secular elements of Turkish society, the Alevis and the Gulenists, wants nothing to interfere with his attempt to make an arrangement to end the decades-long Kurdish insurgency in southeastern Turkey.

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