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Government is still open for business – and hiring, says career counselor Derrick Dortch

The article below by IWP Director of Career Services Derrick Dortch appeared in The Washington Post on October 23, 2013.

Prospects: Government is still open for business – and hiring
by Derrick T. Dortch
The Washington Post 

Lately I have gotten a lot of similar questions: Is the government still hiring after the partial shutdown and budget cuts? Is the government still a good place to work? Why should I work for the government when it seems that Congress has no respect for federal employees?

Yes, recently, the U.S. government’s reputation has taken some hard hits.

But I have three quick answers: Yes, it’s still hiring and always will be, so if you are interested in government service, keep trying. Yes, the government is a great place to work because the mission is about national service, and some of the work you can rarely do anywhere else. As for Congress, they are fickle bunch – sometimes they love government, sometimes they hate it – so you can’t rise or fall on their words.

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