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“Fog over Iran” – an article by Prof. Norman Bailey

Fog over Iran
The significance of recent developments, with the US upsetting key allies, is currently far from clear.

A curious confluence of events has taken place over the past few days, and its final significance is far from certain at this point:

First, rumors swirled about that the Saudis were triggering their long-reported deal with Pakistan to supply nuclear weapons whenever the kingdom might decide it needed them, in recompense for the financial assistance received from Saudi Arabia which enabled Pakistan to develop its nuclear capability in the first place. This was presumably because the Saudis were furious at the US for (1) pulling back from attacking Syria’s chemical weapons infrastructure despite the fact that the GCC countries had offered to pay for the entire operation. and (2) preparing to sign an unacceptable deal with Iran, which would leave them, the other Gulf emirates (and Israel) exposed to a nuclear Iran just as the sanctions were beginning to bite significantly.

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