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Prof. Norman Bailey comments on nuclear deal with Iran

See you in six months, Rouhani
Israel may look isolated over the nuclear deal with Iran, but the cards could yet fall its way.

By now, just about every commentator, academic, pundit, journalist and politician has had his or her say about the “breakthrough agreement” or alternatively, “historic mistake” or “potential cataclysmic disaster,” depending on the point of view.

It cannot be all of those things simultaneously. True, it is better than the previous draft torpedoed by the French, but is it good enough? True, it temporarily slows down the process of enriching uranium–but does not reverse it. True, it halts progress on the plutonium facility being built in Tarik–but it doesn’t require its dismantlement. True, it provides for daily inspections by the IAEA and sets up (yet another) international commission to supervise the IAEA process–but it doesn’t permit unannounced inspections.

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