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“Iran 1, West 0,” by Prof. Norman Bailey

Iran 1, West 0
The political turmoil in Turkey continues, while it has become clear than Iran has stolen a march in implemenation of the Geneva agreement.

The two non-Arab Muslim giants of the Near East are, as always in the news again, and what they are up to is, as always, of direct significance for Israel.

The open war between Erdogan and Gulen in Turkey continues with the arrest of two al-Qaeda agents by the Turkish anti-terrorism police and a raid on the offices of the “charity” that was behind the Mavi Marmara incident in 2010, accused of ties with terrorist organizations. In response, instead of commending the police and judicial authorities involved, as one would expect, the Erdogan government summarily dismissed them and cancelled the investigation.

It must be assumed that the Gulen organization was behind the actions, as it was behind the earlier arrests and accusations of corruption against high-ranking officials and sons of ministers, which also led to massive dismissal of police chiefs around the country and of prosecutors involved in the investigation. Erdogan’s son is involved in the “charity” Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), but even more significantly, the accusation that it is involved with terrorist organizations directly undercuts the Turkish position on the Mavi Marmara incident and justifies the actions of the Israeli special forces which boarded the ship trying to break the Gaza blockade, which led to the deaths of some Turkish citizens who opposed the boarding.

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