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Iraq’s theater of the absurd, by Prof. Norman Bailey

Iraq’s theater of the absurd
After wasting so many lives and so much treasure, the US may now have to cosy up to Iran to save Iraq. 

Everyone in the ongoing Iraq tragedy has boxed himself in.

The Iraqi government of al-Maliki invited disaster by refusing to sign a status of forces agreement with the US and running Iraq as a private fief of the Sh’ia majority, systematically sidelining the Kurds and Sunnis. To compound the damage, Maliki is now creating hundreds of armed gangs of young men with no training or discipline but well-armed. Chaos impends

From the beginning, the US government mishandled the unnecessary invasion and its aftermath almost completely. A trillion dollars and thousands of lives later Iraq is a failed state.

Iran now has to intervene directly, and is already doing so with troops in Iraqi uniforms and the commander of the Quds Force in Baghdad advising the government. It cannot stand by and witness a Sunni takeover in Baghdad.

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