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Iran’s nuclear delay, Hamas’s isolation

Iran’s nuclear delay, Hamas’s isolation
Israel gains nothing from postponed nuclear talks, but Hamas’s bankruptcy could bring positive change.

Two recent developments in the Middle East are likely to have long-lasting effects on Israel. One is the decision on the part of the United States to extend the discussions with Iran for another four months, until late November, exactly one year after the original agreement between Iran and the six powers. This extension was negotiated directly between Secretary of State Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif.

That there would be no agreement within the originally negotiated period was obvious because Supreme Leader Khamenei said that there wouldn’t be. Under the circumstances it is clear what both sides can expect from the delay. In the case of Iran, four more months of preparation for nuclear weapon capacity as well as continued collapse of the sanctions, and in the case of the United States, stretching the negotiations out until after the November Congressional elections, so that the Administration would not have to admit failure prior to the vote.

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