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What Putin intends to provoke in the Baltic Countries

Staunton, September 23 – Just as the purpose of terror is to terrorize, the purpose of provocation is to provoke – and if the targets of a provocation understand what the one engaging in it wants to provoke, they will be in a much better position not only to prepare for it but to avoid falling into the trap the provocateur hopes to set and to deny him a victory.
Yesterday, Latvian Defense Minister Raimonds Vejonis said that Moscow may carry out a provocation on Latvian territory when Riga assumes the chairmanship of the EU Council given that the Russian authorities carried out “a multiplicity of provocations” against Lithuania when it assumed that position (
Unfortunately, it is clear that Moscow is not going to wait that long in Latvia or in her neighbors, Estonia and Lithuania.  The illegal seizure of an Estonian security officer by Russian security agencies, actions by the Russian embassy in Riga to recruit militants, and the drumbeat of articles against Lithuania among other things demonstrate that. 

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