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Introduction to “Denial and Deception,” by John Lenczowski

The following text is an introduction by John Lenczowski to the September 2014 edition of Denial and Deception, the student newsletter of The Institute  of World Politics.  Denial and Deception is produced by the IWP Student Government Association.  To inquire about receiving a copy of this newsletter, please contact  

In its inaugural year, Denial and Deception proved to be an enormous success. It has been a colorful, informative, witty, and utterly creative product of a wonderful team of IWP students who love the school, and who care deeply about the mission of the IWP community to serve our country, the cause of peace, and the defense of decent civilization worldwide.

That team worked tirelessly to strengthen and enliven our sense of community. For this, our faculty, staff, Board of Trustees, and I are all extremely grateful. We have all been proud to share issues of the newsletter with various friends and supporters of the Institute.

The very title, Denial and Deception, couldn’t be more creative and appropriate for our student newsletter. It is symbolic of a dimension of statecraft that has been too often neglected within the diplomatic, defense, and even intelligence communities.

It represents one of those “curve balls” that have been and continue to be thrown at our country by various foreign powers — a challenging, if not threatening, set of actions which cannot be handled professionally and effectively unless they are analyzed and understood.

Such understanding cannot fully be mastered without adequate education or years of professional experience characterized by active consciousness of the phenomena — consciousness that is too often missing in large segments of our national security community. These activities represent exactly those realities of this world which IWP dedicates itself to exposing to our students — so that our country’s ability to address such challenges can be significantly improved over time.

Let me thank everyone involved in this wonderful enterprise. With deep appreciation,

~ Dr. John Lenczowski ~