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Israel beware a wounded Obama, says Prof. Norman Bailey

Israel beware a wounded Obama
The lamed US president might well seek to repair his reputation abroad – at Israel’s expense. 

The potential consequences of the Republican sweep of the 2014 midterm elections should be neither over-stated nor under-stated, especially with reference to the wounded Administration’s policies towards the Middle East in general and Israel in particular.

What is incontestable is that victories in gubernatorial races that were totally unexpected, such as those in Illinois, Massachusetts and Maryland, all normally heavily Democratic states, as well as further increases in an already large majority in the House of Representatives, indicate a massive shift in public sentiment towards the Democratic Party and particularly towards President Obama. The Administration has lost all claim to popular legitimacy.

What is not so clear is what this will mean in practice. When the Senate reconvenes in January, the Republicans will have 53 or 54 seats out of a hundred, depending on what happens in the Louisiana runoff election next month. That is not enough to cut off debate, which requires sixty votes, and even less so to override presidential vetoes, which requires sixty-seven votes. In other words, despite the election results, the Republicans cannot pass significant legislation unless they have at least a half dozen or more Democratic votes in the Senate, and even then, if the president vetoes any such measures, they are very unlikely to be able to override his veto.

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