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Israel and the Palestinians: the Puerto Rican model

Israel and the Palestinians: the Puerto Rican model
All diplomatic efforts having failed, perhaps it’s time to look at a new solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Kerry and Clinton and Indyk and Erekat and God knows how many others have failed. The ‘Process’ is finally dead; life-support has been withdrawn. Neither the two-staters nor the one-staters have managed to carry the day. Israel now has three choices: 1. Do nothing. 2. Try the same approaches over and over again and expect different results (often referred to as ‘insanity’), or 3. try something different. So here is a proposed third alternative for Israel and its Arab cousins: creation of an autonomous entity at first on the West Bank only, under Israeli suzerainty, which controls its own domestic policies and programs, but with Israel in charge of foreign relations and defense.

This proposal might be called the “Caribbean Solution”, since it is inspired by the example of Puerto Rico. 

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