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Back to the 1930s

The world is coming to resemble the 1930’s more and more. From Argentina to Yemen to Ukraine to Syria and Lebanon, entropy, the natural tendency of everything to disintegrate if there is no force to hold it together, is coming to dominate the international scene.

In the natural world that force is gravity. In the international world that force is exercised by a dominant power or powers. In the 1930’s, the United States refused to play that role and the result is history. In the 2000’s, the decline of US dominance due to ineptitude coupled with hubris in the George W. Bush Administration, followed by the naiveté and adolescent idealism of the Obama Administration, have drastically damaged the ability of the US to continue to fill the role it has been performing since the end of the second World War.

Let’s see. Yemen has graduated from failed state to no-state, joining Libya. Failing and failed states Lebanon, Syria and Iraq continue down the road of ruin, aided and assisted in that trajectory by a whole series of non-state actors, in much of the world becoming as powerful as, if not more powerful than, states themselves.

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