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Unlike Mussolini, Putin Can’t Make the Trains Run on Time – and Russians are Taking Notice

Staunton, February 5 – Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, it was said, might have failed at everything else, but at least he kept the trains running on time. Now, it appears that Vladimir Putin isn’t capable of doing that and his all-too-public wrestling with the problem is generating concerns among Russians about his ability to govern the country.

When Vladimir Putin finally focused on the fact that Russian Railways was ending service on most of the local electric trains in the country, he exclaimed “have they gone out of their minds” and ordered the government to come up with the 15 billion rubles (250 million US dollars) to restore service.

But it quickly became apparent that Putin not only was simply reacting to a problem the media was calling attention to rather than adopting a positive policy to deal with it and that even if his order is carried out, it will affect only those routes that have been shut down this year and not the larger number cut eliminated over the last two years.

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