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Money talks through NGOs

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are becoming ever-more significant on the international scene. Non-profit and generally non-taxed organizations, ostensibly with educational, charitable, human rights and environmental and other goals and activities, do studies, issue reports, hold meetings and conferences, and lobby governments and international organizations.

It is often believed that these NGOs are either naïve, or driven by ideology, or both, and they have often been accused of being one-sided in their studies and publications, carefully choosing data that supports their positions and ignoring contrary data. Nevertheless, they continue to exert substantial influence over many areas of public debate, often because they provide ammunition to government officials and bureaucrats, as well as to candidates and political parties supposedly coming from “objective” sources.

Recently, however, a more serious charge is being leveled at some of these NGOs — namely, that their activities on behalf of certain causes are bought and paid for by interested parties.

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