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While we aren’t looking

While the Israeli election campaigns rages on, centered on such vital issues as the quantity and quality of the ice cream and wine consumed in the prime minister’s residence, the world has not stood still. These developments have been coming to the fore:

Firstly, the prime minister’s appearance before the Congress of the United States continues to increase in importance, among other reasons because of the virulent petulance of the Obama Administration in opposing it. This is of such magnitude that it is creating a backlash even among democrat members of Congress who might otherwise have stayed away. But more significantly, Netanyahu has a chance, which hopefully he will make full use of, to consolidate the understanding of the members of Congress and through them the American people, of the extreme danger represented by Iran’s approach to the “nuclear threshold,” which will be facilitated and legitimized by the agreement apparently being cooked up by Kerry and Zarif to be presented to the other participants in the six-power group as a fait accompli.

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