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Israel-U.S. relations turn venomous, says Prof. Norman Bailey

This article, entitled “Relations with White House turn venomous” by Prof. Norman Bailey, appeared in Globes: Israels Business Arena.

Relations with White House turn venomous
It seems relations between Israel and the USgovernment will continue to deteriorate until Barack Obama is out of office.

Israel’s relations with the Obama Administration have gone from poisonous to venomous. Obama was furious that PM Netanyahu was reelected, despite strenuous and probably illegal activities on the part of Administration proxies to aid his opponents. Unfortunately, the PM’s injudicious remarks on election day about Arab voters and aboutthere beingno Palestinian state on his watch provided fodder for the president’s venom. The Administration is threatening to withdraw its support of Israel in the UN.

Were that to happen, and if Israel were not successful in finding a substitute among the other permanent members of the council (France? China?) the results could be seious, with anti-Israel resolutions, theoretically binding on all members, sanctioning Israel if it does not sign an agreement with the Palestinian Authority and withdraw to the 1967 borders. This would make it necessary for Israel to engage in all kinds of maneuvers to avoid or evadeany sanctions and generally add to the already dauntingcomplexity of its international situation.

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