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Putin Throws a Spanner Into the Works

Following the unsigned non-agreement on the contents of which no-one agrees in Lausanne, declared “historic” by President Obama (which it surely is, in the sense that the 1938 Munich agreement and the 1994 North Korean agreement were historic), President Putin of Russia has reversed the 2010 decision on the part of Russia to not sell the S-300 antiaircraft missile system to Iran. He also revived a barter deal with Iran of Russian agricultural equipment for Iranian oil.

These decisions, designed to spit in the face of the United States, will accomplish the following:

* Demonstrate that the U.S. no longer calls the shots in the Middle East in particular or in the world in general.

* Demonstrate that even before any actual agreement is reached, if it ever is, the sanctions regime is already dead, by violating the most central aspect of it, the prohibition on selling weapons to Iran.

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