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Social Media & Cybersecurity

In a recent edition of Fed Access on Federal News Radio, host Derrick Dortch interviewed IWP student C.W. Walker, who is a cyber defense analyst at ZeroFox, as well Chris Cullison, chief technology officer at ZeroFox.

On the segment, they discused the changing cybersecurity landscape and how it is being impacted by social media.  Mr. Cullison and Mr. Walker also discussed how the Islamic State and other terrorist groups, for example, are using Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to spread propaganda and recruit new members.  They noted that outside groups are using some of the same tactics to get involved in the protests and riots in Baltimore.  

They also discussed how hackers are creating fake Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to breach security networks at private companies and government agencies.

Mr. Walker and Mr. Cullison had recently spoken at IWP on similar topics.

Please click here to listen to this segment of Fed Access.