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Europe’s Moral Hypocrisy, by alumnus Benjamin Fricke

The article below was written by IWP alumnus Benjamin Fricke and was published by Political Developments Reserach Center.

The endless streams of migrants and refugees to Europe seem never ending. Increasingly more people from North Africa and the Middle East are taking the journey to come to Europe to either seek a better life or are tricked into this journey by promises from human traffickers or European politicians who proclaim the multicultural super state of Europe as a heaven on Earth.

After the Italian coast protection program Mare Nostrum concluded in October 2014 due to a lack of funding by the Italian government it was replaced with the cheaper program Triton which only protects the Italian coast. There was no funding from any other European country given to continue the Mare Nostrum operation in the Mediterranean Sea. This shifted the emphasis from rescuing and protecting people attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea far into international and North African waters to only the Italian coast. Consequently, thousands of people who dare to get on a raft or boat to journey to Europe drown on the way without a chance of being rescued. The mass drownings in the Mediterranean Sea is a human tragedy which needs to be condemned and stopped. New rescue missions have to be put in place in order to prevent such disasters and sufficient funding must be provided to stop the flood of migrants before they venture on this perilous journey.

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