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The Euro Has Nothing To Do With NATO

The article below was written by IWP alumnus Benjamin Fricke and was published by Political Developments Research Center.

Debates about European security and geopolitical interests have largely been neglected in the decades following the Cold War. When college students in Germany talk about European cooperation it is mostly in regard to economic and cultural “harmonization.” Security studies, intelligence studies and strategic thinking seems very alien to the European public at large and the German public in particular.  Yet, understanding geopolitical and strategic warfare of any type is as important as ever.  The Ukrainian crisis, the ethnic conflicts in the Balkans, the expansion of terrorist organizations, such as ISIS, the utterly flawed euro currency or Turkish President Erdogan who is campaigning in Germany are all examples of propaganda and interest driven policies.

It is essential for the survival of a people and a state to understand the threats that confront them and how to protect their interests. No society can live without consensus or an order in tandem with norms and codes of conduct. Indeed, it is true that societies change, modernize and adopt influences from the outside. Yet, these are organic, they take time, and in order to be accepted by the masses they tend to come from society itself. A constitutional order and the rule of law must apply to everyone at any time. Therefore, educational systems that nurture a people who think critically and are independent citizens are most important for the survival of a democratic society. Furthermore, it develops protective mechanisms to avoid ideological take overs by polemicists such as Erdogan, heaven on earth promises such as the EU or dangerous radicalization efforts by organizations like ISIS.

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