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Things working in Israel’s favor, despite the politicians

As the Israeli political class continues to play silly and often dangerous political games, as with the latest natural gas madness, the region continues to evolve in ways quite favorable to Israel interests.

Relations with Jordan continue to strengthen as that country faces a serious threat from Islamic State (IS) on its northern and eastern borders. The seriousness of the threat is underlined by the decision of the Israeli security forces to build a fence along parts of the border with Jordan.

President al-Sisi of Egypt continues to provide Israel with opportunities to improve relations and to jointly secure the two countries’ common border. Egypt is sending an ambassador for the first time since the “Arab Spring” and the Director-General of the Foreign Ministry, Dore Gold, has been invited to Cairo for consultations. It has also been reported that the Egyptian authorities have sounded out the IDF as to its willingness to assist the Egyptian anti-terrorist efforts in the Sinai if requested, and that the response has been favorable, so long as such assistance would be limited to air support or to in-and-out special forces operations.

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