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Losing the current war

In its short history of two-thirds of a century, the State of Israel has fought many wars, some of them against overwhelming odds, and has won them all.

Right now, however, it is badly losing a war fought with words, not bullets, but the effect of which can be just as devastating for Israel’s future.

This is, of course, the public diplomacy war. Recently the Gatestone Institute in the US published a study by Denis MacEoin entitled “The NGO Plan to Destroy Israel,” which details the astonishingly large number and equally astonishing lavish funding of these “non-governmental organizations,” many of which are actually funded in whole or in part by foreign governments, and many of which are registered as Israeli entities, all of which constantly and unendingly attack Israel as an exemplar of a tyrannical, oppressive and brutal regime dedicated to constantly violating the human and civil rights of other peoples, particularly the “Palestinians” on the West Bank and in Gaza.

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