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The IWP Internship Experience: Edward Sieban

Ted Sieban 444x718There is a unique and exciting atmosphere at IWP. I had just finished another internship and was expecting to do the monotonous, “intern required” tasks that I had done before, but I was ecstatic to realize that this wasn’t the case.  Immediately you are put to work doing relevant and important tasks that make a difference. One of the best ways IWP was described to me was the term “family.” IWP truly is like a family. The faculty relied on the interns, and the interns leaned right back to learn and grow from the scholar-practitioners with resumes longer than encyclopedias.

Throughout my time at IWP, I did research on counterterrorism. I attend a Military College, and terrorism is a very relevant topic to our school and students. Researching Islamist Extremist groups and understanding more about the current issues surrounding U.S. national security made me realize the importance that even my small tasks held. IWP made me understand the bigger picture for not only my future, but also the future of this nation.  I realized that whether it is data entry or research on the latest terrorist issue, it all goes to help the school, the nation, and or myself.

The most amazing part of my internship is the people that I was in contact with, day in and day out. From former FBI, CIA, and NSA personnel to leading experts working in their respective national security or international relations fields, there are so many people that one can learn from, talk to, and work for. As an intern at IWP, you are important and not just a number on a page.

My experiences and time here has truly helped me broaden my views on national security and reaffirm my commitment to the defense of this nation.