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ISIS Said Shifting Its Recruiting Efforts from Arab World to Caucasus and Central Asia

Staunton, August 14 – The Islamic State is shifting its primary recruiting efforts away from the Arab world to the Caucasus, Central Asia and Indonesia, regions where the number of young Muslims is growing and the local situations are in its view more favorable to its message, according to a new report by Egypt’s Administration for Religious Regulations.

Such recruits would not necessarily be used in their own countries at least initially but rather deployed where ISIS is currently fighting or where it hopes to expand its activities, including in Egypt, the report continues, the news agency reports (

In the words of the Egyptian report, “after the beginning of the ideological and armed struggle with ISIS,” the Arab countries clamped down hard on its recruitment efforts. As a result, ISIS leader decided that it would be “quite easy to recruit supporters” in the Caucasus, Central Asia and Indonesia “because Muslims in these regions are numerous, not acquainted with the extremist ideology of the group, and have been inclined to trust Arab proselytizers.”

The report continued that “the goal of ISIS is not the establishment in the Caucasus, Central Asia and Indonesia of ‘a caliphate’ but securing a flow of new recruits into its ranks.” For the time being, it stressed, ISIS will concentrate its efforts at expansion precisely in the Middle East. 

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