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How should Israel form an alliance with Saudi Arabia?

While the world’s attention has been focused on the six-power agreement with Iran, collateral fallout has been taking place, both positive and negative, as a result of that diplomatic disaster.

Among them is a series of reports and rumors of an impending alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia, fuelled by their common assessment of the threats posed on the one hand by Iran and on the other by Islamic State (IS):

Confirmed are meetings between retired high-level political and military figures of the two countries in various venues as well as meetings between a still-influential retired Saudi major general and the director-general of the Israeli foreign ministry, Dore Gold. Unconfirmed but insistent reports abound of a Saudi prince who has been dispatched to Israel to improve relations between the two countries as well as negotiations involving Saudi Arabia, Israel and Egypt with Hamas, directed towards the implementation of an agreement for a long-term armistice between Hamas and Israel, with Hamas disarmament overseen by Israeli and Egyptian forces, in return for the lifting of the Israeli/Egyptian blockade of Gaza and Saudi financial support for the bankrupt Hamas regime.

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