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An African angle to the Iran nuclear deal

The following op ed by IWP alumnus Nicholas Hanlon was published by the Washington Times on August 24.

Most criticism of the U.S. administration’s negotiation with Iran over its nuclear program points out a long list of relevant issues not addressed in the deal itself. Iran’s support of terrorism and its abysmal human rights abuses against women, homosexuals, and non-Muslims top the list.

The list is long but as critics focus on the technical level flaws, the negotiating premise that the Islamic republic is a legitimate government has immediate diplomatic consequences in Africa. It follows that Iran’s bad behavior in Africa will be emboldened and unchecked if the United States cedes to Iranian terms. Iran’s proxy Hezbollah generates millions of dollars each year through illicit trade in Africa. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Quds Forces smuggle weapons and train terrorists spanning both ends of the continent.

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