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IWP alumnus to run for the State House in Tennessee

Andy Cole Campaign ImageIWP alumnus Andy Cole (R) has announced his candidacy for House District 82 of Tennessee. Andy will be attempting to dislodge the multiple-term incumbent Craig Fitzhugh (D) from the predominantly conservative district.

Andy, IWP Certificate Class of 2015, began his campaign this summer, more than a year before the primary elections. “I knew I would have to start early,” he said. “I’m running a grassroots campaign, and I wanted to make sure I had as much time as possible to personally meet those whom I wish to represent in West Tennessee.” 

The main thrust of his campaign calls for a change in economic policies of the district. In his campaign video, Andy bears out that “insider politicians have lost touch with the realities small business owners and farmers face every day in West Tennessee.” Tax cuts and a reduction in regulation are the keys to what he envisions to be a better future for the area. Andy is also calling for a rehabilitation of standards in education and localization thereof.

He has spent the last few months at fairs, meet and greets, and other events in Lauderdale, Haywood, and Crockett counties where he can introduce himself to constituents. “I’ve received an overwhelming amount of support so far, and I cannot wait to see that grow even more,” he said.  

Academic integrity dictates that IWP not endorse any political candidate, but we wish Andy the best in his endeavors.