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Undermining America While Washington Sleeps: China In Latin America

The article below by IWP Research Professor Paul Coyer was published in Forbes.

The public position of the United States Government is that Washington does not see a geopolitical threat arising from China’s quickly growing influence in Latin America. Whether the Obama Administration sees China’s activities in Latin America as being inimical to its interests or not, however, Beijing’s investments globally are rarely undertaken with solely business goals in mind – the Chinese, unlike Americans, are practiced strategic thinkers, with a rich history, thousands of years old, of strategic thinkers to inform their approach to geopolitics. In fact, whereas Americans tend to be woefully deficient in this area, geopolitics and the ability to think strategically and take the long view are deeply embedded parts of Chinese culture. Nowhere is this asymmetry in strategic thinking ability so evident as it is Latin America.

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