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Besieged Israel is flourishing, and its diplomacy? Except in the West, not shabby

While Israel’s public diplomacy is a disaster, its official diplomacy in the Arab world, Asia, Africa and Russia has scored notable successes.

The “Jerusalem Post’s” March 4th Magazine Section’s “Hot Off the Arab Press” feature contained an article which appeared in the Feb. 27 issue of Al-Bayan, an Emirati publication. Among other very interesting things, the article stated the following:

“Much has been said and written in recent weeks about the governmental changes we made… – the appointment of a Minister of Happiness, Tolerance and the Future as well as a 22-year old Minister of Youth, both of whom are women. … The events around us remind us, time and again, that tolerance is the key to development. … For hundreds of years we have coexisted with Christians and Jews in the lands we came to inhabit.”

This would have been surprising enough were it not for the fact that the article was written by none other than Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, Emir of Dubai and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates!

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