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Amb. Woolsey Talks nukes, terrorism, and Trump with CNN’s Jake Tapper

On March 31st, 2016, IWP Chancellor Ambassador R. James Woolsey met with CNN’s Jake Tapper to discuss the prospects of nuclear proliferation.  On the issue of ISIS and nuclear weapons, Amb. Woolsey acknowledged that terrorists, with the necessary tools and scientists, could assemble a basic nuclear weapon with a yield similar to that of the Hiroshima bomb.  Amb. Woolsey suggested that this possibility is slim and that the potential for a dirty bomb is far greater.  The so-called dirty bomb could prevent people from accessing work and living areas for decades and strike fear into the community. 

On the issue of the Iran nuclear deal, Amb. Woolsey expressed a fundamental disagreement with the Obama Administration’s assessment that the deal would close all avenues for Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon.  Citing issues with inspection provisions, legal shortcomings, and loose restrictions on how Tehran can respond to sampling requests, Amb. Woolsey asserted that the deal itself is no guarantee of nuclear non-proliferation in Iran. 

Regarding presidential candidate Donald Trump, Amb. Woolsey rejected Trump’s calls for nuclear proliferation.  Although he was less concerned with close allies like Japan obtaining nuclear weapons, Amb. Woolsey argued that a nuclear armed Middle East in the midst of a crisis could quickly spiral out of control. 

Please click here to watch the CNN clip.