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Defense Strategy, Planning and Budgeting: A discussion with Prof. Wayne Schroeder

In this interview, Prof. Wayne Schroeder discusses the course that he teaches on Defense Strategy, Planning and Budgeting (IWP 679, 4 credits). Dr. Schroeder is currently a senior member of Lockheed Martin’s Corporate Engineering, Technology and Operations (CETO) staff.

1. What do you cover in your course (briefly)?

We cover the principal elements of defense strategy, planning and budgeting in IWP 679. You’ll be exposed to key developments in U.S. defense strategy, planning, budgets, and policy making. Additionally you’ll receive an important foundation in the role of defense technological superiority as a key component in our U.S. defense strategy.

Schroeder quotation2. What makes your course unique?

This course is unique in that the student will receive an education in the relationship between policy and resources. Policy is not made in a resource vacuum — planning and budgeting are central to understanding the execution of specific U.S. defense policy options. Your future career in national security in Washington will require that you understand the key concepts conveyed in the course.

3. Is one likely to find such a course at an institution other than IWP?

There are very few similar courses in other international relations and national security programs across the country. Really only a handful may address it the way it’s done in IWP 679.

4. What makes your course useful to students?

The course content, readings, lectures and interaction with the professor. [Dr. Schroeder has had a 37-year career in the field in Washington DC covering government, industry, public policy and education.]