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Israel consolidating its regional position

With massacres, shootings and bombings all over the world; attacks on the police in the US and continuing chaos in the Middle East; with all the predictions of doom surrounding the pending exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union; the grotesque spectacles of the party conventions in America and the failed coup in Turkey, some very significant events taking place in the southern Sunni/Israeli arc as well as in Iran are understandably being overlooked:

Terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia in early July were almost entirely ignored by the Western media. In Jedda, in the Sh’ia majority eastern province and most significantly at the second-holiest shrine in Islam, the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, attacks and suicide bombings were carried out under the banner of Islamic State (IS).

At the same time, and also overlooked, terrorist activity in Iran has increased substantially, especially in the Arab-majority southwestern region and in Iranian Kurdistan. With ethnic Persians only sixty percent of the population at most, such activity has the potential to destabilize the ayatollah’s regime, especially with Baluchistan in constant agitation. If the Azeris, the largest of the minority ethnic groups, also initiate anti-regime activity the government will be in real trouble.


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