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The IWP Internship Experience: Quinn Phillips

Quinn Phillips 444x718In my eight weeks at the Institute of World politics I looked forward to coming into the office every day. This was due to my brilliant coworkers, the resources available to interns, and the engaging projects I was assigned to. As an Events and Communications Intern, I assisted in the planning and execution of IWP’s events, as well as a variety of long-term communications projects.

As an undergraduate student, I was looking for an experience that would expose me to the political landscape of Washington, DC and allow me to develop critical skills in both communications and statecraft. The internship with IWP offered just that. My supervisors took the time to not only teach me new things, but to also listen and incorporate my ideas into our projects. They also never hesitated to include me. Whether it was sitting in on a meeting, drafting the first copy of a press release, or pitching an event idea, my supervisors prioritized my learning at every step. In addition, I was impressed by IWP’s commitment to helping interns find full-time positions in the field and their willingness to connect interns with relevant alumni.

I am most grateful to IWP for the new direction and purpose it gave me. After being surrounded by expert scholar-practitioners and remarkable staff members all day, I was instilled with a new sense of confidence that allowed me to jump into projects, explore a difficult career trajectory, and challenge existing beliefs about statecraft.

I consider myself tremendously lucky to be part of the IWP community and recommend it to any student interested in the field, without reservation.