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John Lenczowski discusses information warfare and active measures in Intelligencer

Intelligencer Fall 2016The Intelligencer, the quarterly journal of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, published as its lead article in this quarter’s issue a piece by IWP founder and president entitled “Attention to Information Warfare and Active Measures is Long Overdue.”

In the article, Dr. Lenczowski argues that the West has systematically failed to recognize the rising threats that Russia, China, and radical Islamists pose in distorting our perceptions of reality, as well as those of others around the world. Problems arise when our foreign policy elites neither acknowledge these threats nor attempt countermeasures. Official neglect of this “information warfare” results from professional malpractice, ignorance of these dimensions of foreign policy and war, organizational weaknesses, bureaucratic cultural bias, or willful blindness.

The U.S. is not addressing enemies and adversaries whom we can deter or defeat with military power alone. In the article, Dr. Lenczowski address a multitude of solutions.

Please click here to download the article: Download file Attention to Information Warfare and Active Measures is Long Overdue