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Eurocrats: Transparency vs. the Monet Method

Isn’t this obvious to everyone, including the Poles? One is afraid, however, that the refusal to recognize the reality of the European Union meted out to Poland its stinging slap on the face. Donald Tusk has been elected because his non-Polish sponsors wished so. There is not even pretense that an election to an important EU institution is based on any national parity.

The European Union has a problem. It is called democracy. It is a phenomenon that, to a large extent, does not exist in the institutions of the EU. Neither the European Council (EC), nor the Council of Europe (CE), nor the Council of the European Union (CEU), nor the European Commission (EComm), nor their participants draw their strength from a direct, grassroots recognition. It is only the European Parliament (EP) that can claim a full democratic legitimacy in the EU. It is elected directly by, admittedly a waning number of, the voters in each member state. Fewer than 50% of eligible voters bother to vote in EP elections every five years.

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